Roof Foam Coating

The Smart Roofing Solution: Roof Foam Coating

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Roof Foam Coating

Unlike traditional roofs, spray foam roofs are much lighter, so the roof frame is less stressed than with a traditional roof. Additionally, spray foam roofs can be constructed in a way that allows proper water drainage compared to traditional roofing materials. By applying a thicker layer of spray foam in some areas, this can be accomplished. The following are some benefits associated with having a foam coating applied to the roof:

  • Spray foam roofing installations can be quite simple when done by a contractor or specialist with experience with spray foam roofing. Time, as well as money, can be saved since it is possible to complete the task quickly and efficiently. Spray foam is applied directly to roofing materials such as wood, concrete, asphalt, and shingles after the roof has been cleaned properly. Because polyurethane foam expands by up to 60% when sprayed, it covers all areas and takes on the shape of the place it is sprayed over, so even roofs with irregular shapes do not pose a problem.
  • Almost no maintenance is required after you spray polyurethane foam on your roof. Under ideal conditions, you don't need to replace or repair your roof for 25 to 30 years if it is installed properly. If you want to be safe, you should check your roof twice a year.
  • Foam roofing provides the greatest R-value, so it increases energy efficiency. The R-value of a material refers to its ability to resist heat or cold. In the summer, spray polyurethane foam blocks the heat and in the winter, it keeps the cold out.
  • Spray roofing completely fills cracks and seams in the roof and makes it waterproof.
  • Foam roofing is environmentally friendly and generates little to no waste as most original roofs do not need to be torn out and replaced.

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